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Our core belief rests upon a complicated network of technological innovation, socio-cultural, economic trends, and legal precedence, that we have studied academically, and in industry, for the last decade.

WHO – Connor Borrego, Madison Spence, Matthew Pierce, KeVaughn Jackson, Kendal Poindexter, Casimir M. Stone.

WHAT: Standardized Data Models + User Ownership of Data = a Global Data Marketplace; enabling every user to become an owner instead of, or in addition to, being an employee, and thus returning capital markets to the small business equilibrium that true capitalism tends towards.

WHEN: Over the next 5 years.

WHY: The technology companies’ massive data silos grant them to much power and they continue to abuse it.

HOW: most likely via blockchain or other cryptographic p2p technologies, maybe via a centralized platform like Snowflake, Meta, or Alphabet.

Whether you believe web3or the right to own your data will be powered by decentralized technologies or not, we will undergo a historic economic transformation as consumers experience the liquidity of their data as a financial asset for the first time.

Emergent Digital stands as guide to service and empower individuals to maximize the value of their personal and organizational data.

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