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Emergent Digital is managed by a team of Data Scientists & Creatives with an extensive background in growing businesses online, and maximizing their value in the process.

We provide a premium level of support to our larger clients, who’s established brands are in need of more hands on partnerships.

We build software tools for aspiring brands and businesses, who would like to grow to our premium support level.

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Emergent Marketing

We offer services ranging from web design & development, to active campaign management and marketing technology stack integrations.
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Emergent Technology

Our technical expertise spans data systems architecture, product development, and many languages & frameworks.
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Emergent Advisor

If your business profits are thinning, we can use data-driven strategies to help you grow your margins & more.
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Emergent Capital

We invest in real estate, renewable energy, software, hardware, small businesses, agtech, medtech, civictech, and consumer brands.
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unipro helps creatives, creators, and free-lancers, like you, leverage the latest technologies to turn your passion project into a viable business.

Like you, we have a love-hate relationship with big tech. But we are using their tools to build the future; small business powered by decentralized big data.

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