Snobs are androgynous aliens, black and white humans, late stage capitalists, anarcho primitivists, realpolitikians, conspiracy theorists. They can be found in trendy fringe Internet communities, limited release cinemas, and biannual NFT releases.

Every SN0B SZN, 256 Snobs will be dropped on whichever blockchain platform we’re patronizing ironically at the time.

Snobs exist as reminders of our own nuanced fluidity and inherent similarities––be it beliefs, fashion, identity, memes, we all try to find ourselves in the same things, yet all it takes is a handful of tweaks to create a billion uniquities.

But, most importantly, each Snob knows the password to an obscure community of creatives, collectors, curators, starving artists, divergent thinkers, and best kept secrets, working together to bring the barter system back to society, one arbitrarily valued status symbol at a time.

be a sn0b.


sn0bs will be minted in SZNs of 256 at most once every 6 months and at fastest, once a month for as long as we feel like it.

the pop cultural and historical references nested inside the sn0bs imagery are associated with a rarity score that will limit the likelihood that that item will show up in one of the sn0bs szns.

no 2 sn0bs will ever be the same, but you don’t have to wait for random chance to deal you the perfect profile picture. collectors can sacrifice a minimum of 3 sn0bs to mint a new one out of the combined preferred characteristics or purchase their desired sn0b at 10x markup on the floor price.

Once your sn0b’s been named, your access to our community has been claimed.

We hope that some OG sn0bs make it in old age, but we know everyone loves watching sn0bs burn.

the question is, how many sn0bs will be killed in the making of this community?


Ordinal sn0bs from SZNL releases have no utility beyond their ability to be sacrificed for a named one.

Named sn0bs entitle their wallet holder access to community events, a share of the earnings from the brand’s commercialization, and a veto over the use of their individual sn0b in any commercial project.

Additionally, named sn0b holders will be entitled to a free UniPro basic account and any of the earnings from the NFT ratings index that we’ve created on this sites to help artists gain exposure.

While you can collect as many named or ordinal sn0bs as you want, we are intent on pursuing a 1 person, 1 vote community policy as much as we can.


The first 256 sn0bs were born on Christmas day 2021, though it was a week long labor of love.

We will launch the sn0bs M3RCH M4RT collection in early winter for 2022, and will host an exclusive community event in Detroit, MI at the end of the summer.

Every New Years Eve, beginning in 2022, will be a live stream of an in memoriam for all the sn0bs killed over the course of the year.

We plan to release a pilot for a sn0bs cartoon series by mid 2023 and will be actively looking for community members to join the core team.

We hope to grow the community, and its’ treasury, to a point where we can host multiple events per year.

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